High quality, bespoke machining facilities


EFP offer a wide range of services from metal sheet processing and forming, panelling, as well as profile components processing. 

Our UK and Dubai factories host bespoke machining facilities that are made, built and developed in-house. 

With the most advanced manufacturing system, EFP runs high quality panel production. Engineering experts adhere to specifications and work closely with both production and quality control, ensuring that the finished product matches your requirements.

We turn architectural aspiration into fabrication reality. From raw materials we form traditional composite panels, transforming the most sophisticated materials available today into facade products. We serve the construction markets with innovative fabrication solutions dramatically enhancing an architect’s design, the structure’s strength, and the overall product’s aesthetic longevity. 

Sheet Metal

EFP are the first choice for processing free issue sheet material. We can v groove, fold, sheer, roll or bend a wide variety of material including steel, aluminium, HPL and MDF to exacting standards.


CNC Routing

EFP’s PANELBuilder system is the world’s leading CNC routing solution designed specifically for the aluminium composite (ACM) and metal composite market.


CNC Plasma

Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma.


Profile Centre

The EFP Machining Centre deploys the most sophisticated CNC systems to guarantee maximum design flexibility, optimum accuracy and seamless production, all translating into significant cost-savings.



Unbeatable precision and quality are the hallmarks of EFP’s Programming Centre, which uses specialist CAD/CAM software created to ensure pinpoint accuracy and reduced wastage.


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About us

EFP is a British-run company with more than three decades of global expertise in manufacturing and machining solutions.

We specialise in the design and engineering of advanced aluminium systems; fabricating all aspects of architectural cladding and curtain-wall facades, including complex substructures, intricate accessories and semi-precious metal alternatives.

EFP is an unrivalled manufacturing facility, and has partnerships with clients across the globe who are attracted by our pioneering fabrication solutions.

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