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EFP offers a range of solar solutions that harnesses the power of the sun using the latest CIGS solar technology.

Copper indium gallium selenide solar cells (CIGS) is the latest generation of thin-film solar cell technology. Unlike polycrystalline cell technology CIGS is thin, light, flexible and extremely robust.

We also offer locally designed and manufactured solar mounting systems for traditional PV installations and micro wind turbines.

Solar Standing Seam

EFP has developed a simple yet efficient solar mounting system for roof and ground mount. 


Solar Honeycombe

Called BeeHive PV, the solar panels are designed to integrate into building facades to serve as energy-generating windows.


Solar Carports

Along with integrating CIGS cells into building architecture EFP also offers a range of car park shading solutions using thin film technology.



EFP specialises in providing a wide range of roof and wall cladding solutions that incorporate CIGS cell technology into the fabric of the building.


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EFP is a British-run company with more than three decades of global expertise in manufacturing and machining solutions.

We specialise in the design and engineering of advanced aluminium systems; fabricating all aspects of architectural cladding and curtain-wall facades, including complex substructures, intricate accessories and semi-precious metal alternatives.

EFP is an unrivalled manufacturing facility, and has partnerships with clients across the globe who are attracted by our pioneering fabrication solutions.

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