Mafraq Hospital

EFP-ME has done a number of projects around the Middle East, such as work on the iconic Dubai Metro, the latest landmark the Dubai Frame, continuous work on the latest addition to Abu Dhabi, providing solutions to the roof for Kuwait’s Paeet Stadium and work at Mafraq Hospital.

A project that EFP-ME is proud to have worked on is Mafraq Hospital, which is an incredible 451-bed treatment institution which will sit at the heart of the United Arab Emirates in its capital city, Abu Dhabi.  Mafraq Hospital aims to serve one of the fastest growing areas in the UAE.

EFP and Mafraq Hospital

EFP Middle East work on the hospital included the fabrication of composite panels during construction of the groundbreaking medical facility.  The project for the hospital began in May 2014 and was marked as completed in 2016.

EFP-ME was given the task of fabricating composite panels for the hospital and the entire project resulted in 5,000m2 of aluminium composite panels which would cover the outside of the medical facility.

Mafraq Hospital in Abu Dhabi

The brand new addition to Abu Dhabi’s medical centres, Mafraq Hospital, sits only 35km away from the UAE capital and will have more than 2,000 professional staff who will provide services such as medicine, obstetrics and paediatrics.  The hospital will also provide surgical solutions to medical issues, critical services and more as well as maintaining the largest burn unit in the country.

The hospital campus was provided by an investment of more than $750 million by SEHA and the new facility was set to serve as a community hospital while providing state of the art medical services to the region.

Mafraq Hospital and Emiratization

Emiratization is an incredibly important movement in the UAE which provides a platform for highly skilled UAE nationals to provide services for their country and Mafraq has a strong focus on Emiratization within the healthcare industry.

Mafraq Hospital and Customer Service

Mafraq Hospital continues to work to increase the level of customer service within the hospital and, with this in mind, they launched a new programme named Mafraq Ambassadors – We Care, which gives each one of the employees at Mafraq the responsibility of being a customer service ambassador, ensuring a high level of customer service throughout the hospital.