Extreme Roofing – Paeet Stadium Kuwait

EFP-ME was chosen to work on the ever-expanding university facilities for the Kuwait Paeet Stadium, which was to be a new sports complex in Kuwait that would become part of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training.  EFP-ME’s work on the Kuwait Paeet Stadium helped to outline how EFP-ME’s quality cladding and flashing solutions are some of the best products in the GCC.

EFP-ME, along with BEMO Engineering, has been chosen from the many choices in the Middle East to be the authorised independent fabrication facility of aluminium flashing for the GCC due to EFP-ME’s high text machining solutions that were ideal for the project on the Kuwait Paeet Stadium.  EFP-ME has an effective, efficient and high tech assortment of machinery and skilled workers who can Ridge, Cil, Jamb, Verge, Eave and Soffit which has allowed EFP-ME to fabricate the highest quality flashings for the construction project with BEMO Engineering.

EFP-ME is also pleased to be the chosen fabricator of flashings for one of the leading European roofing companies, where our high-quality work has been utilised in many projects.

Kuwait Paeet Stadium

The work that EFP-ME did with BEMO Engineering on the Kuwait Paeet Stadium included working on furnishing the flashing for the 20,000 square meters iconic profiled roof of the Stadium.  The, ‘Extreme Roofing,’ solution for the Paeet Stadium utilises standing seam profiles across the roof of the stadium to create a unique and memorable roof style that instantly gives the Paeet Stadium an easily recognisable and premium aesthetic.

The Kuwait Paeet Stadium will enhance the university experience for all of the students who study in Kuwait, and we hope to continue to offer our services throughout the GCC.  EFP-ME and our team members are incredibly excited to continue our work on the fabrication and machining of aluminium flashings for great companies and projects alike across the Middle East.