EFP works on innovative Dubai Frame

EFP-ME was awarded the contract to fabricate the iconic gold plates that were used on the exterior of the Dubai Frame by Al Ghurair, the whole project consisted of fabricating more than 10,000m2 of stainless steel gold panels to achieve what is now an incredible landmark in Zabeel Park of Dubai.

The Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame was designed by Fernando Donis and began construction in 2013.  The project was completed on the 1st of January 2018 and was opened to the public on the same day.  The Frame has become a widely popular tourist attraction, bringing visitors and residents alike to Zabeel Park to either see the structure for themselves or to take the elevator up to view Dubai from this incredible vantage point.

The total cost for The Dubai Frame was more than 230,000,000 AED (£44 million) and holds the record for the largest picture frame on the planet, a name given to it by The Guardian, and it is now standing proudly as a beautiful and iconic structure in Dubai.  The Frame was designed so that you can look out on both new and old Dubai from the glass-bottomed sky bridge 150m in the air.


It has been an honour to be working on such a prestigious and innovative project as the Dubai Frame and our continued partnership with Al Ghuirair. Stuart Kriskinans


EFP’s Fabrication for The Dubai Frame

The Frame marked another successful project completed by EFP-ME for Al Ghurair.  Previously projects between the two companies have also included the new Abu Dhabi Midfield Airport and EFP’s other projects around the Middle East include work on The Dubai Metro and Kuwait’s Paeet Stadium.

EFP-ME was required to fabricate more than 10,000m2 of stainless steel gold panels for the exterior of the Frame and the project took place over a 3 month period.