Abu Dhabi Airport

EFP-ME‘s long-standing reputation throughout the Middle East as one of the best fabricators of cladding and roofing solutions means that they were a clear choice as the fabricators of Doubled Curved Aluminium composite panels at Abu Dhabi Airport.

This marked the very first time that the United Arab Emirates had decided to utilise Double Curved Aluminium Composite Panels and they were for use at the ends of all of the 49 gatehouses in the Midfield Terminal Building at Abu Dhabi Airport.

Abu Dhabi Airport’s Composite Panels

Abu Dhabi Airport chose EFP-ME as a reliable fabricator and supplier for the prestigious project consisting of 275,000m2 of Aluminium Composite Panels due to EFP-ME’s incredible work on a number of projects including the Dubai Metro, Kuwait’s Paeet Stadium and more.

EFP-ME was more than happy to accept the project for Abu Dhabi Airport, which included the fabrication of flat, curved and double curvature panels, all aluminium profiles, angles, stiffeners and also all accessories.  

Chadwick Technologies and EFP-ME at Abu Dhabi Airport

EFP-ME was chosen as the preferred supplier to Chadwick Technologies to work at Abu Dhabi Airport to work on the exterior of the terminal.  The work on this project resulted in 24 months of continued panel fabrication and it also brought about new innovation in fabrication to the UAE with the introduction of Double Curved Aluminium Composite Panels being used for the very first time in the UAE.

The brand new and innovative Double Curved Aluminium Panels were used in the construction of all of the 49 gatehouses located at Abu Dhabi’s Midfield Terminal building.

The Midfield Terminal Building will be the largest of its kind in Abu Dhabi and will also include a 4.1km long runway, a large terminal building, cargo and logistics centre and a commercial area incorporated into a free zone.

Other Projects with Abu Dhabi Airport

Alongside the fabrication of 275,000m2 panels for the gatehouses at Midfield Terminal, EFP-ME also worked with Al Guirair on the interior of the airport by producing 30,000m2 of Aluminium Composite Panels.

Below you’ll find a great video from Abu Dhabi Airport showing the construction of the new airport.